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Branding | Collateral Design

Upon starting as Marketing Coordinator at Innovative Services NW, it was apparent that there was no clear brand system to follow – no set color palette, type system, or supporting graphics system, making the brand feel stodgy and plain. In crafting a brand it was important that it feel approachable, friendly, supportive, and strong. It needed to feel like a place of trust and safety while maintaining kindness and approachability, as the organization serves children and adults with disabilities. Because the nonprofit is broken down into three program areas, I created a way for each program to have a unique identity, all while maintaining the same overarching brand system for the wider organization. Each program had a leading color to represent it, and the graphics system was separated by children’s programs and adult programs. This way, everything felt cohesive yet differentiated to represent the unique services areas offered. Along with developing the brand system, I also updated the logo to follow more standard design principles and to better fit different spaces and contexts.