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Branding | Web Design

CAPREIT is an apartment developer, owner, and management firm operating nationwide. They came to GTMA initially to build a website, but quickly realized they didn’t have a brand to uphold and bring their web presence into a new era. So the brand team was hired to build out a new brand including color palette, typography, iconography, custom illustration, and other supporting elements. They initially wanted to leave their logo as-is, but the design team suggested small edits to help build cohesion with the rest of the new branding. The brand goals for CAPREIT were to create something that felt modern and innovative without forgoing warmth and friendliness. We opted for a bouncy fun sans-serif as the heading typeface, supported by an angular serif as the body. For the color palette, we kept their signature navy blue color and built a new palette using colors they were interested in including lime green and bright pink-red. A key feature of the rebrand is the use of gradient, creating a sleek feel.