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About me

I am a brand designer and content creator based out of Camas, Washington. I hold a Bachelor’s degree from Washington State University Vancouver in Digital Technology & Culture. My passion lies in visual branding and all things brand direction and aesthetics. My design style is simple yet offbeat, modern, and youthful.

Hard skills

Adobe Creative Suite
Microsoft Office Suite
Google Drive
Project management tools (Slack, Trello, + Asana)
Social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest)
Mac + Microsoft systems

Soft skills

Written + verbal communication
Collaborative + independent work
Quick, hands-on learner
Organizer + planner
Adaptability + open-mindedness
Attention to detail
Ability to multitask + balance multiple projects

Some of my accomplishments as a designer and creator include:

  • Rebranding and collateral creation for the Vancouver, Washington-based nonprofit Innovative Services NW.
  • Collaborated on rebranding and collateral creation of Vancouver, Washington-based marketing agency & production studio GTMA.
  • Branded Temecula, California-based church, The Refinery.
  • Collaborated on the branding of product start-up, TrueUp, which manufactures and sells frame hanging devices and kits.
  • Collaborated on rebranding and collateral creation for the relaunch of Worship Leader, a Nashville-based Christian media brand.
  • Branded Authentic Media, a Christian media brand.
  • Branded and created collateral for The Sommery apartments in Round Rock, Texas.
  • Branded Broadstone Dobson Ranch apartments in Mesa, Arizona.
  • Created advertisements for Star Wars Theory podcast.
Design expertise

Developing visual assets for brands with a ground-up approach.

  • Moodboarding
  • Logo creation
  • Color palette
  • Typography
  • Pattern + illustration
  • Iconography
  • Art direction
  • Layout
Content expertise

Creating various media for use on social media, collateral, and web.

  • Copywriting
  • Photo editing
  • Video production
  • Advertisement + other media creation for social media

Visual experience

I love to collaborate with ambitious brands and people; I’d love to build something great together.